The Associazione Sextantio project addresses to primary health and easily treatable at low cost diseases. It is coherent and verifiable step by step, with a determinate cost and benefit ratio in terms of human lives. With your donation, you can ensure one year primary health care for those who cannot afford health insurance nor access medical treatment, in Rwanda.

With your donation, you can ensure them the possibility to be examined by a doctor and have blood tests to identify the most common diseases such as malaria, HIV and tuberculosis. With your donation, you allow them to buy medicines to take care of their health and recover from easily treatable diseases.

Join our project Make your donation!

Donations can be made by:

  • Bank transfer – IBAN

    IBAN: IT50H0501803200000000121931

  • Immediate donation by PayPal and online credit card on a safe server



    5 x 1000

When you file you Income Tax Return, this year, choose to support the Associazione Sextantio activities with your 5×1000.

A small contribution: it costs nothing but can improve lots of people’s quality of life. To donate 5×1000 to our Association, in your Income Tax Return (Modello Unico, 730, CUD) (Unico income tax declaration, 730 tax return form, CUD [W2 form]):

  • Sign in the box “Support of voluntary organisations and other non-profit social organisations, of social promotion associations, recognised associations and foundations operating in the areas of article 10, c. 1, lett. a) of Legislative Decree. n. 460 of 1997 “.
  • Write Sextantio fiscal code 01838010682.

Donations in memory

Make a donation to Associazione Sextantio to remember a loved one.

Charitable Will

Include Associazione Sextantio in your charitable will. To make a charitable will is easy and non-binding: in fact, you will be able to change your will arrangements whenever you want. For further information contact us.

Tax Benefits

All the donations to Sextantio Onlus are tax deductible according to the limitations stated by the Law, provided that they are made by bank transfers, transfers on the postal account, cheques held by Sextantio XXXX with “non-transfer” clause, credit cards or prepaid cards.

Sextantio is a non-profit organisation pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 460/97.